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One of the most popular board games on the vast territory of Eurasia was an ancient game Cha Pai.
Empires revolved, but people continued to play trying to knock the opponent's chips off the board.

In the 21st century the game got a new look and name, but it is still remains the same exciting gambling game that keeps all the ancient traditions.

Dots Out Highlights

<<Backward Dots Out game features a variety of different layouts to let you pit one's strength against your opponent. This game requires courage, quick thinking, and good strategy skills as well. Check out this fascinating variation of the ancient game!
  • Simple and exciting game idea
  • Over 30 different level layouts
  • Play with your opponent online or on the same device
  • Delightfully bright minimalist design
  • Great music and SFX
The game will amaze you with its simplicity, but will also require some knack and strategy skills, and will definitely catch fancy of both the older and the younger generation.
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