New addictive and exciting game WILD WEST CHECKERS! The struggle of American settlers from the warlike Indian tribes of the Wild West is going on!
<<Backward Events in the game, take us back in the days of the conquest of the Wild West, and the struggle of American settlers from the warlike Indian tribes. The bloody war lasted more than 100 years. Cruel engagements took place with variable success and took away tens of thousands of lives of both sides. According with estimates the U.S. Census Bureau between 1775 and 1890 occurred more than 40 wars, which killed 45,000 Indians and 19,000 whites. Forward>>

Wild West Checkers

<<Backward Rules of the game are diabolically simple. Shoot enemy checkers from the game field while ensuring that as many of yours stay on as possible. If yours is the last man standing, you win. You’ll need a keen eye and strong hand to be the victor in this app but more than that, you need clever strategy.
Each player gets 8 checkers to start, which are placed on opposite ends of the game field. Go ahead
and use your finger to pull back your checker, then let go to shoot toward your opponent’s game piece. Little arrows indicate the direction and stroke power of your shot. The player with at least one checker left on the game field wins the battle.
The war is not over with the first battle, though. A second battle starts with the first game’s loser playing with one less checker. Does that ensure
that you’ll win this round? No. If your opponent has found an excellent strategy, you may find it challenging to overthrow him in the second game. All is fair in love and war and that includes Wild West Checkers. You never know who is going to win.
If you want to give yourself a game playing advantage, fine tune your skills and hone your moves by playing against the app initially. After you’ve
developed your game playing skills, invite a partner to join you in a war game. If you’ve practiced and perfected your game, you’re bound to win more than you lose. Forward>>
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